Wellington Staunton Chess Set In African Padauk & Boxwood With Maple Solid Wood Chess Board - 4.25

Wellington Staunton Chess Set In African Padauk & Boxwood With Maple Solid Wood Chess Board - 4.25" King

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This package includes our Wellington Staunton Chess Set in African padauk and boxwood matched with our Padauk and African Padauk and Maple Mission Craft Solid Wood Chess Board

Additional Information

2 spare queens are included for pawn promotion Green Baize PadsChess Board Material Solid African Padauk Maple Finish Polyurethane Semi-gloss Square Size 2.5 Overall Dimensions 23.875 x 23.875 x 1.375 thick Weight 15 lbs

Chess Set Weight 76 oz

Decorative corner dowels are used to strengthen mitered corners instead of screws and plates to maintain the old-world woodworking integrity

Decorative maple inlay surrounds the frame

Ebony or African paduak blood rosewood chess pieces will look stunning sitting on this chess board as will nearly any chess set! No other chess board made today compares in design and features built into this chess board

Even the design of the rook stands out with a unique parapet and crenelations

Exposed squares underneath

From that day on you save 20 on nearly all chess products in our store including sale priced items

It's nothing less than a fine piece of handcrafted furniture and is the perfect surface for both playing and displaying your treasured chess set

Laminated frame to prevent warping

Made from solid African padauk and maple, it has 2 1/2 squares and measures 23 7/8 x 23 7/8 x 1 3/8 tall

Named for the Duke of Wellington whom defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, this is our newest chess set and one of the best in our collection

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Solid African Padauk and Maple - no veneer used

Special finish to protect and seal the wood on every exposed surface

Special interlocking design between board and frame to prevent warping

The Wellington blends contemporary and traditional Staunton design resulting in a truly unique chess set from every angle

The king is 4.25 tall with a 2 wide base and features an ornate finial that is unique from any other chess set in our collection

The knights are extraordinary with finely carved detail including the mane, eyes, ears, nostrils, and teeth

The lathe work is remarkable with compound collars and eloquent lines perfectly turned into each piece

The other pieces are equally impressive with beautiful profiles and shapes

The pawns are wonderfully large making them easy to handle during the game

The pieces are individually hand polished to beautiful luster.Our African Padauk and Maple Mission Craft Solid Wood Chess Board is simplistically beautiful and profoundly designed

The pieces are padded with thick green baize for a nice cushion when picking up and moving or sliding across the chess board

The pieces are triple-weighted to produce a low-center of gravity and exceptional stability on the chess board

They are uniquely engineered to prevent warping which is a common problem with most solid wood chess boards

Thick felt pads to protect the furniture you sit it on

This eye-catching chess set in African padauk is a true show piece with the combination of the colorful red chess pieces and chess board

This heirloom quality chess set made from exotic woods is not only a good investment for these times but it will make every chess game all the more enjoyable and is sure to become one of your treasured possessions that will be handed down for generations.Chess Pieces African Padauk Boxwood King Height 4.25 King Base 1.875 King Weight 3.6 oz

Unique key-hole on back side of frame so the chess board can be hung on a wall.Save 20 on this chess set by joining our Collectors Club for the price of only 99

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You will find no screws, plates, or other metal hardware on this chess board - it's all old-world woodworking genius



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